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Assessment Checklist


This Assessment Checklist is reproduced from Appendix 4 of Babergh’s Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) that provides guidance on the interpretation and application of Policy CS11, one of the main planks of Babergh’s Core Strategy for rural planning. The SPD was adopted on 8th August 2014 and has the status of a material consideration when planning applications are determined.


There is no evidence that the checklist was considered by the Council in its recommendation to the Planning Committee to grant planning permission for the B/15/000673 application at Moores Lane, East Bergholt. The checklist was not mentioned in any of the 84 pages of the Case Officer’s Report R106 to the Planning Committee justifying this recommendation.


Furthermore, in Para 21 of his report the Case Officer lists 10 Core Strategy policies relevant to the application but wrongly omitted to include Policy CS11 in the list.


Given these errors and omissions ActionEastBergholt produced a completed checklist using the Council’s own template. Copies were circulated to relevant Officers and Members of the Planning Committee in the 48 hours before the Planning Committee.


In presenting his recommendation to grant planning permission the Case Officer referred Members to a written summary of additional documents received after publication of the Agenda but before noon on the day before the meeting. He did not disclose the existence of the Assessment Checklist in his summary of additional documents received.


The checklist and its contents were not mentioned during any other part of the planning meeting until raised by the final speaker, Cllr Williams, at which point Officers and Members present indicated they had a copy with them in the chamber. In his submission Cllr Williams began to explain its significance - that the information in the checklist demonstrated that the application failed up to 18 CS11 criteria and therefore should not be approved. The Chairman interrupted Cllr Williams' submission several times and eventually instructed him to curtail his submission in order to force a vote on a motion to approve the application previously proposed and seconded by other Members prior to Cllr William beginning his submission.



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